The Grass is Always Greener on MV8's side of the Fence

Last updated on Jan. 01, 2019. Written by Rick Coleman.

Some thoughts on our environmental responsibilities as a tech company.

The leading companies in the coming years will be the ones that are able to make the green change. In our short history as an industrial and technological species it has almost been the rule that any sort of activity had to come with some heavy blows to mother earth. Pipes with toxic waste spilling into the nearest river and clouds of smog and black smoke rising up from the factories. Today the heavy industry is gone from the western world, but still there are growing consumption of resources and energy that pollutes the earth even if it is swept away from sight.

By extrapolating these trends a few years forward it becomes apparent that mother earth will not be a pleasant place to live unless we act immediately. If we as a species continue to pollute we will be living on a dystrophic waste dump that are far worse than anybody can imagine.

What are the other cloud companies doing?

There are a number of cloud companies and all are basically trying to do the same thing. These companies are for example, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Mega, Codepx, Mediafire, pCloud, Sugarsync , Hightail, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yandex Disk, Acronis and Baidu Cloud. The list goes on and on, it is impossible to list them all. The business model is to try to run as many hard drives 24/7 as possible to make a some money in the process. These are huge facilities with millions of hard drives spinning non stop. But is all this necessary we asked ourselves at

This is of course a very wasteful situation. The server farms are the dirty factories of our time. Just because there are not black smoke coming out from them it does not mean they do not leave an impact on the earth.

The people who wants to make money think that as long as it makes sense economically it is good enough. This is very short sighted that as long as it makes sense economically to waste energy and pollute the earth with coal and nuclear waste it is not the way things should be done.

Some are better than others of course. Google is probably one of the more serious companies when it comes to the environment. Google state that they are carbon neutral. But still less hard drives spinning would be better right? Some the cloud companies are not environmental friendly at all such as those based in Russia and China these are running off very dirty coal power plants. is super green

Being as green as possible was actually one of the parameters for making our approach to cloud sharing. We wanted to actually make something that was as green as possible and not use green as hype and just talk.

We said to ourselves do we really need to permanently store the files? We think that many are just using the cloud to move files around from device to device. So that was our basic premise and we did not want to yet another clone of cloud service. Think of all the servers and hard drives filled with abandoned garbage files that are never going to be used. We think that most server farms are basically climate controlled virtual garbage dumps. Billions and billions of files with photos of cats and dogs that is never going to be used for anything productive.

It is all about what you actually do yourself to cut down on pollution. Apparently Al Gore is running around pointing the finger at everybody while he himself maintains a giant 20 room houses with a pool and a giant gas electricity bill of 30.000$ per year. Al Gore was on the Board of Directors of Apple Inc., and he was a senior adviser to Google Inc. which are companies providing cloud services. What environmental advice did Al Gore give these companies behind closed doors? What did he say about the giant server farms with millions of constantly spinning hard drives? Well, it all boils down to a lot of people talking and pointing fingers.

What do to fight pollution

  • MV8: Our concept of file cloud with as few servers and hard drives as possible makes us the greenest cloud service.
  • Use hardware with a good performance per watt figure. In practise that currently means some somewhat older servers with Intel Xeon processors.
  • We don't go out and buy state of the art laptops and desktop computers. We have 8 years old desktop computers.
  • Travel as little as possible.
  • We don't own cars.
  • We bicycle a lot.
  • Walk to work.
  • Office and servers rooms are powered with renewable energy.
  • We have energy efficient light bulbs everywhere.
  • We work in a bit uncomfortable temperature, both hot and cold.
  • We recycle.
  • We turn off everything that can be turned off when we leave the office.
  • We have water efficient toilets.
  • We eat local organic grown food mostly vegetarian. Raw food as much as possible.
  • We don't drink coffee.
  • We don't buy a lot of new clothes all the time just to wear to the office.

Thank you for reading about our thoughts about pollution and the environment. And we hope environmental concerned people continue to use as their preferred file cloud.